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Please check current policies with your chosen airline before you fly as they are subject to regular changes. The information below is a guide only and we make no guarantee for it's accuracy!

General Comments: 

Read the small print on charges, allowances, space restrictions etc. !

Check what your insurance covers - several airlines make a point of stating the need for suitable private cover....

Allow extra time for the check-in process when checking outsize baggage - most of the airlines make this point.


BA - BRITISH AIRWAYS    [back to top]

British Airways - extract details 02/03/2007 Source:

"You may check in your free checked baggage allowance plus one additional item of sports equipment providing the item weighs up to 23kg, and does not exceed the following dimensions: 2.5m x 1.00m x 0.80m (98in x 39in x 31in)."

"Bicycles Single seat, non-motorised bicycles"

"Special rules apply for bicycles when groups with more than 4 bicycles travel together"

EASYJET        [back to top]


Easyjet - extract details 09/03/2007 Source:

"Special Items and Baggage Charges Sporting equipment. Each passenger is allowed a maximum hold baggage weight of 50 kilos including any sports equipment, subject to available space. The maximum weight for any single piece of baggage is 32 kilos. Freight or cargo items cannot be accepted as passenger baggage.

Bicycles (1), golf equipment, and skis, surfboards, wind surfers, hang gliders, and firearms (2).

An additional fee is charged per item per flight for the carriage of the above items as set out in the table below.

Currency Per flight 
GBP 15.00
Euro 22.50...."

"Where your total checked-in hold baggage weighs more than 32Kgs, normal excess baggage charges as set out below shall apply in addition to the above fee."

"(1) Carriage of bicycles:
The bicycle must be packaged in a bicycle box or bag
Only one bicycle per bicycle box or bag will be permitted
No other items can be carried in the bicycle box (i.e. clothing)
The tyres must be deflated
The handlebars must be flush with the frame
The pedals must be flush against the frame or removed

Passengers travelling with bicycles are recommended to check-in 2 hours prior to departure."

BMI        [back to top]

BMI - extract details 09/03/2007 Source:

"exceptional items of baggage, including sporting equipment

Exceptional items of baggage that require special handling may carry a charge depending on the fare purchased. the items below are charged for on our short haul routes as follows:

tiny and economy fares - 15 charge per sector business and premium economy fares - free of charge within weight allowance, then 15 charge per sector outside of weight allowance Each exceptional item of baggage over 20kg will be charged as excess baggage and will incur an additional 15 per sector, then anything between 21-32kgs will be charged an additional 20 per sector.

bicycles* - must be suitably packed (accepted subject to hold space)"

*these items can be paid for online during the booking process or via 'manage your booking'"


OTHER AIRLINES     [back to top]


Flybe - extract details 09/03/2007 Source:

"Other types of baggage Exceptional items (golf clubs, bicycles, musical instruments etc.) may be carried at a charge of GBP17.00, EUR25.00, CHF39.00 per exceptional item.. ... Carriage is subject to space and weight and not as part of the personal allowance. Charge is applied regardless of any other baggage allowance. Please note credit/debit card fees will apply on excess baggage charges however payment can be made by cash or cheque at the desk. 
"Bicycles must be prepared as follows: Handlebars must be turned and locked in line with the frame, pedals must be removed or turned inwards, the front wheel must be removed and securely attached to the frame and the tyres must be fully deflated. The bicycle should then be bagged or boxed if possible."

Jet2 - extract details 09/03/2007 Source:

"Current charges applicable for the carriage of the following items are shown below. However, charges will be levied at the prevailing rate on the date of travel.

Item of Carriage
Charge Per Single Flight
25GBP/ 36EUR/ 58CHF/ 1250CZK/ 300NOK/ 150PLN 
Max weight 20kg* each item

For all other items listed above, if you are travelling as part of a large party ... please advise our Call Centre in advance so our ground handlers can be advised. 
*Any weight over this limit will be charged at standard excess baggage rates, currently 5GBP.. per kilo.
***Bicycles must be wrapped in stiff cardboard with the pedals off and the handlebars turned in line with the frame."

Ryan Air - extract details 09/03/2007 Source:

"Sporting equipment including but not limited to...bicycles.. An additional charge is made for the carriage of these items per item, per one way flight irrespective of weight.
Due to space restrictions, we recommend that all sports equipment is pre-booked and pre-paid at the time of booking on or through your local reservation centre, as not to do so may result in the item being refused carriage at the airport..."
(UK Pounds/Euro or local currency equivalent) Booked on Booked via a Call Centre* or Airport
Sports Equipment *Per Item/ Per One Way Flight 15.50 22.50 20.50 30.00

"Special advice for the carriage of bicycles
The pedals must be removed (or fixed inwards) and the handlebars must be fixed sideways. The bike should be contained in a protective box or bag. It is not necessary from a safety perspective to deflate typical tyres found on bikes ... for carriage in the hold. However, to eliminate the small risk of them being damaged by bursting, you may wish to deflate the tyres."